Friday, June 15, 2012

YSL Exhibit at the Art Museum!

On Tuesday, I went to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit with my mom, her friend and daughter, and my friend! We had an amazing time-if you live near Denver, then you should definitley consider visiting the Denver Art Museum! Its also showing in Madrid and Paris. I loved the way everything was shown chronologically, ending with a gorgeous ballroom display of all of the extravagant dresses he created (like the one used in the logo-thingy above). They had recreations of his office and work spaces that were all super inspiring! It was all tied together with a great audio program that allowed you press a number correllating to a number shown either with a garment or display, and hear an in-depth description of eveything that particular piece involved! Unfortunately, pictures inside the exhibit weren't allowed, but I was able to get some at another part of it that had all sorts of hands-on fashion activities to do! We were able to make a moodboard using magazines and swatches, sketch a look, drape fabric on mannequins, dress up, and walk the runway! :)

These were really cool-they're called Harumika Dolls!

Sketching with tracing paper!

They had all of these fun clothes you could put on and walk down a runway, too!

Work it! (Missioni coat)


We had soo much fun! Its a great way to spend a summer afternoon downtown and you'll feel so inspired and cultured after learning more about Yve Saint Laurent's life and works!

Have a great weekend,

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