Friday, June 8, 2012

Chacos: Fit for Adventure & Happiness!

Last summer at camp, a few of the counselors had Chacos and then I saw them again this year at school when my Spanish teacher wore them a few times. I really liked how they looked right away and they also seemed super comfy and arch-supportive (I think that's a word?). So, I decided to look into getting some for this summer. I ended up doing a bunch of research and also trying to find a good deal on the ones I wanted, the ZX/2 Yampas! They are on the more expensive side because they're one of the newer models, but I definitely got the sense from reading online that the quality is great and they last a long time! Eventually I settled for a cute pair I found in my size on eBay for $84.99 (retail= $100). I was expecting them to come this Monday, but they came today! I adjusted them and they feel amaazing! I absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants a unique shoe thats perfect for virtually any outdoor activity or just support throughout the day. I've been wearing them all day since they came and I love them so much! My new Chacos are certainly a perfect addition to my collection of happy shoes!! :)

Happy Chacoing,


  1. oooh they look real comfy! I could do with comfy shoes hehe