Sunday, September 16, 2012

NYFW-my faves and highlights

Hey guys! Hope you all had a fun time either going through FW blogs or runway shows this week! Below are some of my favorite looks from the collections I checked out online.

- Richard Chai:
-Pamella Roland:
-MM6 Maison Martin Margiela:
-Marissa Webb:
-J. Crew:
-Diane Von Furstenburg:
-Carmen Marc Valvo:
-Badgley Mischka:
I always love being able to discover new designers that aren't always the most popular and that really catch my attention with some signature pieces! I love all of the mint, and coral hues for spring 2013 as well as how unique each of the collections are. Stay happy and have a good week! :)

DIY: Tie a Cute Scarf!

With fall coming up and everything, I thought it might be fun to do a quick tutorial on one of my recently discovered ways of tying a scarf! And even better, I found a super cute one on sale at Charming Charlie's :)

1.) Place the scarf of your choice (longer is better!) around your neck.

2.) Pull one end of the scarf down making one end higher than the other.
3.) Take the longer of the two ends and throw it over your shoulder.
4.) Continue the end over your shoulder to make one loop.
5.) Loop the same end over your shoulder again.
6.) Loosen the two loops you just made as needed-don't strangle yourself!
7.) Take the end you've been dealing with this whole time and tuck it in between the first and second loops around your neck.
8.) Pull it through.
9.) Finish the look off by tying the two ends together in a knot or bow (depending on how much scarf you have left) and adjust accordingly! :)

I hope you enjoy trying out this pretty simple way of tying your scarf. Its nice to mix things up once in a while, and its even better if you can try something new without having to buy it! Let me know how you styled this scarf look! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hydrangeas of Cape Cod

This summer my family and I visited one of the East Coast's most quaint and fun places ever-Cape Cod, MA, of course! We got to enjoy 14 days of ice-cream, lobster, salty waves, and shopping! (notice how the first two things i mentioned were food!) Overall, I thought it was a great way to relax, and reconnect with our grandparents. This summer, I found a new interest in all of the hydrangea flowers all over the Cape. Apparently, Cape Cod is sort of famous for them! Anyways, I totally fell in love with the look of them, and what makes them even more unique is that their color is different based on the acidity of the soil! Nerdy biology moment! :) So, I've pretty much decided that these will be the flowers I will use in my wedding, and I hope you enjoy all of the flowers I took pictures of as much as I do!