Friday, June 15, 2012

We got a PUPPY!!

So we had been thinking about adopting a new pup for our family for a while....last week or so my mom's friend showed us an ad in the newspaper for Bernese/Pyrnese mixes and, we ended up getting one last night! She is absolutely precious and we love her sooo much! When we got her last night, she was super muddy because the breeder's property was pretty much pure dirt. :) It was a very long car ride home, but I hung out with her in the back of the car the whole way. We gave her two baths last night, and a good brushing today and now she looks like a sweet little fuzzball! Anyways, shes 3/4 Bernese and 1/4 Pyrneese and about 3 months old! Her coloring is actually really cool because her mom was white, her dad was black, and she turned out to be cinnamon colored! We decided to name her Moushka (not sure exactly how we're going to spell it, though) because originially I thought that was Yves Saint Laurent's dog, but it was actually Mujik! Either way, the name stuck and fits her perfectly. It's also really funny because her mom's name is Verushka! I think we should call her Moo for short! How sweet! Enjoy your daily dose of cuteness....

Sending lots of puppy love,
Carly & Moushka(?)


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