Sunday, September 25, 2011

DIY Day Project #2: Fashion Mood Board

I've always loved looking at pictures in magazines and newspapers-especially Seventeen, Teen Vouge, and NY Times Styles. Today, for my second DIY project I decided to make my own mood board! :)

1.) Look through your favorite magazines, and newspapers and cut out anything that inspires you or if its just something that you really like.

2.) Arrange the pictures into different formations untill you find one that compliments all of the pictures.
3.) Find a scrap piece of cardboard and tape the pictures onto it. (I used a flattened Eggo Waffle Box!) You may need to slightly change the formation you made in the last step so that it all fits!

4.) Find a good place to hang the moodboard and enjoy! Now you have your own personal fashion mood board!

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